Canine Emergency Kit – Up to 40lbs

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This handy One Pup 72 Hour Kit contains necessities for emergency preparedness.

Kit includes:

  • Tactical Pack
  • First aid kit
    • Alcohol wipes (4)
    • Gauze pads (3)
    • Bandage roll
    • Tweezers
    • Emergency blanket (1)
  • Water bowl (1)
  • Food bowl (1)
  • Leash
  • Sealable bag for dog food (1)
  • Roll of waste bags (15 bags)

*Best suited for dogs under 40lbs

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Are You Truly Prepared?

You know the drill. There’s a storm coming, and you’re not sure if it’ll be bad enough to warrant evacuation or just some power outages.

You’ve already got 72 hour kits put together for everyone in the household. But what about your fur babies? Don’t let yourself be blindsided when it’s most important.

Brighten Up!

We’ve got you covered! Ruff N Ready Dogs 72 Hour Kit is here for all your emergency needs. It includes everything from food bowls to tactical packs so that you can keep your pup safe in any situation. Plus, we have a ton of other products like leashes and water bowls too!

Be Ready

Whether it’s an earthquake or hurricane, this kit will help get your dog through anything with ease. Don’t worry about what could happen – make Ruff N Ready Dogs 72 Hour Kit part of your emergency preparedness today!


Everything You Need

Ready at a Moment’s Notice

Based on 4 reviews
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  1. Brady

    GREAT quality! It’s great knowing I’ve got this in the closet with my go bag. I even throw it under the seat in the car whenever we go camping just in case. THANKS RUFF N READY!

  2. Maise

    Honestly what a cool idea. I take pride in being prepared and I never even considered what would happen to my dogs if SHTF. I feel so much better knowing my 3 pups are covered just like me.

  3. Terra

    Such a great feeling knowing that my fur baby will be ok in an emergency. His 72 hour kit is right next to mine! Thanx ruff n ready!

  4. Pedro

    This product gives me peace of mind when I go camping. Its a great size to keep in my camper or tent. Love that I can take my puppers with me wherever and I now have access to keep him safe. Will be getting more product in the future! Everyone go buy!!

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